FCYR June Newsletter

FCYR June Newsletter

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We Must Win Virginia to Secure Freedom for Tomorrow

During the annual meeting of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia this past Saturday in Richmond, RPV Chairman Pat Mullins made it clear that Virginia is a must win state this November. The Romney campaign will be heavily invested in turning Virginia red, and so will we. Real unemployment for people under 30 is about 17 percent right now. Students who just graduated can’t find jobs. Young professionals are facing pay and benefit cuts—if they even have benefits. And the mountain of debt that President Obama has placed on our shoulders is crushing our economic future. It’s not just a political catchphrase to say we can’t afford four more years of President Obama, we literally can’t afford them. Read our press statement released today here.

YRFV Annual Meeting

Around 20 Young Republican leaders met in Richmond this past Saturday for the annual Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV) meeting. I’m happy to announce that our charter was unanimously approved, and our club treasurer Doug Smith was elected as 5th District YR representative. Doug and I then cast our first votes as YRFV board members. Virginia YRs were recently deployed to help with elections in Wisconsin and Arizona, and more opportunities for activism in Virginia and around the country are currently being planned.

Join us July 1 for Food and Fellowship

The FCYRs are hosting a party to celebrate the signing of our club’s charter, and the independence of our great republic. Join us for food and fellowship! YRs will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks. Participants will be asked to bring side dish or dessert. Donations are also welcome! Please RSVP to fauquieryrs@gmail.com by June 29 to attend.Download the flyer to share here.

YRs on the Move 

In addition to attending the YRFV annual meeting, I was also a delegate to the RPV state convention on Saturday. The only ballot measures that were voted on were to elect the RNC National Committee man and woman. Results were read by district, and both the 1st and 5th Districts voted for the ultimate winners: Mortan Blackwell and Kathy Hayden Terry. A number of great resolutions were also approved by voice vote to send to the RNC National Convention, and should be available on rpv.org soon. Thanks to all those who joined me in Richmond on Saturday.

In Freedom,

Adam Cassandra
Fauquier County Young Republicans

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