Message From Our New Chairman

Message From Our New Chairman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank you all for electing me as your chairman for this year. Before I took this position I spoke with many members and leaders of the FCRC and other associations in the area asking what they would like to see from our organization. One of the biggest responses was for growth and strength.

In my eyes, this is a powerful statement and one that we need to set our goals for. It means that the leaders and active members in our community believe in our organization, and believe that we can succeed to do good things, and to make a difference for our community.

My goal for this year is to set a strong foundation in our organization, so we can start the process of achieving the growth and success our leaders and mentors expect to see. For this to be accomplished it will take more than myself. It will take other dedicated individuals, each performing important roles in the organization.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at McMahon’s Irish Pub in Warrenton at 7:00 PM will be the next meeting for our group. From 7:00 to 7:30 is a happy hour/social time and the meeting will follow at 7:30. RSVP and invite your friends via Facebook here.

The goal for this meeting is to elect members to run committees in the organization. These committees will be very important parts to the success or failure of our group. If you are interested in being more involved, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to be an active member of our community, and to meet important people that could be friends and acquaintances for a long time.

The opportunities in this organization are endless, and it is up to us on how far we want to take them. I look forward to seeing and speaking to you all next Tuesday, and look forward to a great year of success.


Douglas S. Smith
Fauquier YR Chairman

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