Obenshain: Election is Over, But our Work Remains

Obenshain: Election is Over, But our Work Remains

State Senator and Republican nominee for Attorney General Mark Obenshain released the following message after conceding the race to Mark Herring following the state-wide recount:

I want to start by saluting and thanking the volunteers, staff members and election officials for their dedicated efforts and their commitment to our electoral process especially for their efforts preparing for and administering the recount this week.

Following the 2005 race for Attorney General, none of us thought that less than ten years later we would be going through a recount that would start with an even narrower margin — the closest Virginians have ever seen.

Our goal since the minute polls closed was to ensure that we got an accurate result. No system is perfect, and as they did following the 2005 recount, we owe it to Virginia voters to review our process and improve it where there are deficiencies.

However, as we near the conclusion of the recount, I am confident that the final total will show Mark Herring ahead. I called him earlier today to offer my congratulations to him on his victory. It was a vigorous and hard-fought campaign. But the campaign is over.

And one of Virginia’s finest and proudest traditions is leaders who put old fights and personal differences behind them, and move on to serve the people of Virginia to the best of their ability.

When I called him today, I offered what assistance I can to Attorney General-elect Mark Herring in that transition.

The challenges we face in the coming years in defending and upholding Virginia law and keeping our communities safe should be bigger than partisan differences. Campaigns by nature put a spotlight on those differences. But governing, serving, and leading is about and about reaching out to find common ground and getting results.

To all of those who supported our campaign, I want you to know that the fight for limited government, personal freedom and conservative principles that get results is not over. We will continue to fight for policies that expand the realm of personal freedom and make Virginia a better place to live and find a job.

And I will continue to reach out to Republicans, Independents and Conservative Democrats to find common ground in that goal.

In the campaign, Mark Herring and I both agreed that combating human trafficking and child predators should be priorities. I am sure that we will be able to work together on these issues and others over the coming years.

I could not be more grateful for the incredible hard work of friends, supporters and grassroots volunteers all over Virginia.  Without that support, we wouldn’t have been able to mount the incredibly competitive race we did.

I want you to know that Suzanne, Tucker, Sam and I extend to them our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for their help, support, encouragement, prayers, and efforts over the course of this campaign — and overtime.

My campaign staff was the best. They were by my side as we fought a tough nomination contest, a bruising general election campaign and now through a recount. They helped put together a grassroots organization across Virginia that was asked to and did so much more than is traditionally asked of volunteers in a down-ticket race.

With 67 Republicans in the House, we’re going to need to make progress over the next few years on a bi-partisan basis. I will work in good faith with Gov. Elect McAuliffe to find and expand our common ground and I will work with him on those issues upon which we can agree.

For me, I will continue to work hard to make Virginia a better place to create jobs — good jobs — so we can give Virginians a hand up, not a hand-out. I will continue to fight for educational choice, accountability and opportunity for communities where schools are failing their kids. I will work to see that Virginia is a good steward of taxpayer dollars, so that the people of Virginia can keep more of what they earn.

This election is over, but our work remains.

I’m going to continue to fight for conservative principles — these are mainstream principles — that get results for the people of Virginia.

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