Congratulations to Our Republican Ticket!

Congratulations to Our Republican Ticket!

Congratulations to Congressman Rob Wittman and Dave Brat on their wins in the Republican primary. We are excited to support such excellent and highly credentialed candidates and are proud to stand by candidates who so strongly support Republican values.

We also want to thank Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his many years of service to our country and this great Commonwealth. He has been a dedicated legislator and a tireless advocate for the Commonwealth and his constituents. We wish him success in his future endeavors.

Our entire Virginia Republican team is comprised of highly-qualified and dedicated candidates who are committed to the Commonwealth of Virginia and her people. Our candidates have timely solutions and will lead our Nation to renewed greatness after five years of failed and failing policies from Washington, D.C.

We, the Fauquirer County Young Republicans of Virginia, pledge our full support to this great Republican ticket!


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