Youth Vote in November Crucial to Securing Jobs and Freedom

Youth Vote in November Crucial to Securing Jobs and Freedom

June 18, 2012
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Youth Vote in November Crucial to Securing Jobs and Freedom

Young Republicans chairman says indifference and inaction could destroy America’s future

WARRENTON, Virginia – The votes of young Virginians in November could decide if the next generation of Americans will be a prosperous and free people according to Fauquier County Young Republicans (FCYRs) Chairman Adam Cassandra.

“Virginia is the most important battleground state in the presidential election this November, and let’s face it, in 2008 Obamamania put a chokehold on the Republican message of limited constitutional government and free market economics that turned our state blue,” said Mr. Cassandra. “Four more years of President Obama’s Democrat regime could cripple our economy beyond repair and, to quote the president, ‘fundamentally change America’ so drastically that the very fabric of our constitutional republic will be in jeopardy.”

While voters under the age of 30 overwhelmingly went for Mr. Obama in 2008, the FCYRs are hoping 2012 will be a different story, and that President Romney will be moving into the White House come January.

“Real unemployment for people under 30 is about 17 percent right now. Students who just graduated can’t find jobs. Young professionals are facing pay and benefit cuts—if they even have benefits. And the mountain of debt that President Obama has placed on our shoulders is crushing our economic future,” Mr. Cassandra said. “It’s not just a political catchphrase to say we can’t afford four more years of President Obama, we literally can’t afford them.”

“Young people have to recognize that we have to be the ones to lead and take action or the path the president has put this country on will only get much worse.”

The FCYRs are planning events every month to organize young people and turn Virginia red in November. For more information, and to get involved, visit

About the FCYRs: The Fauquier County Young Republicans consists of Virginia voters 18-40 years old dedicated to electing Republicans to office and to promoting the Republican principles of a limited constitutional government, individual liberty and responsibility, free market capitalism, traditional values, and a strong national defense.


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